SITE #2: Neighbourhood Greenspaces

The Talwood neighbourhood currently has a lot of greenspace, but few of these spaces are protected public park land. An informal trail network linking the neighbourhood to Clonsilla and the Parkway is well used for active transportation and recreation It is currently zoned as public service and is reserved for a potential roadway extension. Other greenspaces in the neighbourhood are privately owned by the owners of the Talwood Towers.

Focus site resources:


This file includes a set of base maps for the neighbourhood as a whole, and for this site specifically. We will be using these during the workshop to brainstorm and draw design ideas. 


This file contains several photos of the focus site. Take a look at these to familiarize yourself more with the area! We will also refer to them during the workshop.


This sheet gives detailed background information about the site, including issues identified by residents, challenges and opportunities, and greenspace classification.

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Be sure to look at all of these resources before the workshop date! 

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