Welcome to Talwood!

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The Talwood neighbourhood is located southwest of downtown Nogojiwanong/ Peterborough, on Treaty 20 territory in the traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg.

Talwood is home to many seniors, with fewer children and youth than the city-wide average. Many residents of the neighbourhood are also lower-income. Food security and access to affordable, reliable transit and transportation options are key issues of importance to residents.


Talwood is a unique neighbourhood in Peterborough — it is one of the most dense residential communities in the city, with nearly 90% of residents living in apartment buildings. Most people in Talwood rent their homes, and personal outdoor space is limited. This makes vibrant public spaces especially important to residents. People love the informal trail network along the Parkway Corridor, their proximity to two lively community gardens, Nevin Park, and the splash pad and sports fields at the Kinsmen Civic Centre. However, people have noted that there is a need to enhance the accessibility, vibrancy, and safety of these outdoor spaces, and to work with landlords to enhance the outdoor spaces surrounding the apartment towers.


The Portrait of the Talwood Neighbourhood illustrates the assets and infrastructure gaps in the area. It has been developed with information gathered through engagement with over 300 residents at community gatherings, pop-up map chats, exploratory walks, resident committee meetings, door-to-door surveys, and more. It is essential reading to prepate for the design workshops! 

Click the image to download the Portrait! 

(It is essential reading for the workshops)

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